Château Laniote 2018

Appellation Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Classé

The years go by but are never the same … Each year, climatology gives its mark. The year 2018, although characterized by a pressure of very strong diseases, gave us an exceptional quality. Our efforts have been rewarded beyond our expectations!

Rain and heat in May and June favored the development of cryptogamic diseases throughout the French vineyard. The Atlantic coast, always wet, was not spared and our vineyards of Saint-Emilion, like all the Bordelais, had to face an unprecedented pressure of mildew. It was a daily struggle, weather observation, daily monitoring of vineyard plots, prophylactic measures, applications of copper and bio-controls … Fortunately, it did not affect the crop and we were able to obtain a surprising quality!

The summer and the late season were very sunny and dry and the vine presented a good precocity with a mid-grape-changing-of-color on August, 3rd – 4th. The sun has lasted until October 6, sun and cool in the morning, sun and heat in the afternoon, ideal for the accumulation of fruity aromas. We could calmly wait for the perfect ripeness plot by plot and the harvest was spread between September the 26th and October the 11th.

The result is a perfect balance with a final degree of 14.5%, a deep purple color, concentrated aromas of black fruits, spices, a slight minty note, roasted and chocolate notes; creaminess in the mouth and a beautiful length with silky tannins. A great vintage that we can forget in the cellar …