Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Classé

History, eight generations

Château Laniote has been in Arnaud de la Filolie’s family for almost two centuries. The property was created in 1816 by a Saint-Emilion wine merchant named Pierre Lacoste, who purchased a cellar and some neighboring vines, then gradually enlarged the estate through 1844.

The property was then transmitted in a direct line from mother to daughter for eight generations. The owner’s name thus changed with each inheritance: Lacoste, Rouja, Freymond, Schneider, La Filolie.


The cradle of Saint-Emilion

In the heart of Saint-Emilion is the 13th-century chapel that adorns the Château Laniote label, which still belongs to the family’s descendants: the Hermitage where Saint-Emilion lived (in the photo: his seat, his bed, and the fountain of miracles) as well as part of the Catacombs. Thus, we can claim to be the guardians of the cradle of Saint-Emilion.

These sites are inscribed on the list of French Historic Monuments.

the wine


come visit us

Located steps away from the mediaeval city of Saint-Emilion, Château Laniote is open year-round by appointment. We offer a winemaking tour of the vat house, bottle storehouse, barrel cellar, and a short film on how the wine is made with live commentary by the owner; the visit concludes with a tasting.

The experience is punctuated by several flights of magical fancy that will appeal to more than just the youngest visitors…

We also welcome groups for introductory tasting classes in the château’s tasting room. On request, we can organize menu-tastings: winemaker buffets or catered meals. Please contact us by telephone for further details.